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Stuart and Kate

People who have given to date:

  • Adam (Handy and Clever) and Melissa (Urban Roots Farm Goddess) Millsap
  • Springfield Blue Print
  • Dr. Wendy Anderson, Guru of Drury University’s Sustainability outreach and initiatives
  • Emily and Stuart Wand of Pinnhead Photography
  • John and Karen McQueary
  • Peter and JoDee Herschend, Co-Founder of Herschend Family Entertainment
  • Sharon Wilson, Texas Drilling Reform Visionary
  • Loring Bullard, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks
  • Leeann Hunter
  • A generous anonymous donor family
  • Jeff Snoddgrass, Super Intern
  • Panera Bread
  • Chipolte on National, Springfield, MO
  • Mama Jeans
  • Dr. Natalie K. Goodpaster
  • Christy Claybaker
  • Melissa Henderson
  • Steve Edwards
  • Mike and Mary Kromery
  • Michael and Kelly Guenther
  • Commercial Street Merchants (We love C-Street!)
  • Bill and Cindy Bates, Buffalo River Valley Gurus
  • Jim and Pat Blanton
  • Amanda Millsap Owen, Homegrown Foods
  • Jeff Schrag, The Daily Events
  • Jeff Eggleston, Spirit of Nature
  • Todd Parnell, Drury University
  • The Springfield Greene County Park Board
  • Jodie Adams
  • Christopher of Jacksonville, FL
  • Richard of Palatka, FL
  • College Heights Baptist Church of Palatka, FL
  • High Springs Baptist Church
  • Jorelle and Michael Bobbitt
  • Ashleigh Schrader and Dustin Davis
  • Walter Spence
  • Debbie from the Marianna, FL Post Office
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