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Thank you so much for offering to support our adventure. If you would like to give money online, just click the fancy button above. If you would rather send a check, send it to Murrs Across America PO Box 2271, Springfield, MO, 65801.

All gifts, tiny and GARGANTUAN will be appreciated and recognized on our Thank You page.

Sponsorship options:

  1. Individual Day Sponsor: $100- We’ll mention you, your family, and any special message you would like to send in our daily blog (This is good for birthday wishes, anniversary gifts, etc.)
  1. Corporate Sponsor: $5oo (or gear bequeathal of equivalent value)- Logo and link to website on webpage.
  2. Deluxe Corporate Sponsor: $1000 (or gear…)- Logo and link on website. Logo on bike trailers.
  3. Uber Deluxe Corporate Sponsor: $5000 (or gear…)-Logo and link primary and stationary on website. Logo on bike trailers. Logo on bike jerseys. Logo on large MAA sign in Jordan Valley Park tracking our progress.
  4. Partner: $10,000+ -If our messages are aligned, let us promote yours in an amazingly exciting way, across the country and into the hearts and minds of families who are ready to get out and go!

What’s in it for you?

As a sponsor, you’ll be receiving recognition on our site, but we also intend to generate buzz along the route and in national media. Increased traffic will come to our site through these sources and also our expanding networks on Twitter and Facebook.

We appreciate all our friends and family who have given time, thought, and financial support to this endeavor, which we hope will inspire other families to make epic memories, too.

If you’re interested in a partnership or corporate sponsorship, let’s talk. Please email Kate at

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