Our Story


Our family is like yours.

We work, shuttle kids, potty train. But this summer we’re crossing America on bikes.  We’re promoting family engagement, health, and environmental mindfulness to inspire families to get outside together and explore. Join us as we learn, grow, and enjoy the perks and challenges of bicycle travel with small children.We hope our trip inspires other families in this hectic stage of life to get out together, play more, and enjoy the ride.

Here’s our story. Stuart has an architecture background and owns a Springfield, Mo. based firm called Smart Designs. He designs and builds custom homes with an emphasis on sustainability. He’s on the board of the local watershed committee and Habitat for Humanity, and he’s involved in a plethora of green initiatives at the community and state levels. Business has been slow, so to make most of time, he’s putting his business on hold to create memories with the family; a valuable paycheck indeed!

Kate has a background in writing and editing and is a founding partner of UPsidEo, an avant-garde firm that offers coaching, consulting, and communications services to develop Agents of Change within social business. The nonprofit arm of UPsidEo, The Living Green Network, connects people with planetary causes through an innovative web platform. She also advises for Global Civic Engagement at Drury University.

Jane is four, a self described “art artist,” and she enjoys wearing high heels, drawing letters, and using scissors. Brady is two. He sings loudly, carries around a ratty elephant, and believes he is a superhero.

We’re asking for support. Contact us about sponsorships, donations, gear bequeathal, insights, notes of caution, encouragement, etc. We’re committed to this 4403.2 mile trip, which will reach across our nation, and hopefully into the lives of curious individuals and families.  Sponsors will be recognized here on our site, and throughout the trip as we promote through various media outlets and national publications.

We’re riding bikes across the country with toddlers–while we can–to explore, fuel curiosity, and to show our kids how dreams, family, and adventure can be enjoyed together.

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