August 13, 2010- From Leslie Carrier

Kate Murr

Stuart and Kate and Jane and Brady-
Your fellow Watershed Committee board members have arranged for you all to stay at the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria — ( Ron and I stayed at this hotel last fall and loved every minute of it. Your room faces the Columbia River channel, so you have the chance to watch huge freighters coming/going up the channel carrying oil, wheat/grain, cars, supplies, etc. to the ports in Portland. Be sure to get the ship schedule from the front desk to watch for the ships — the kids will love it! Also, be sure to look for the complimentary choc-chip cookies in the lobby when you arrive!

Justin should be at the front desk when you arrive on Sunday and knows about your journey and that this is your last night on the trip (he’s the one I talked to when booking your room). They know you will have bikes and 2 buggies and have storage available for all.

You are paid and confirmed for Sunday night; however, if you don’t make it on Sunday night, they can transfer the reservation to Monday night, although the room availability is rather slim for Monday night. If you need to change the reservation, call Justin at the # below.

We are all so proud of you guys and so excited to hear the stories when you get home. On this last night of your trip, sit back, relax, and enjoy the huge pride of accomplishment of completing your dream!! You have done what many others only hope to do!

We all hope you enjoy this wonderful hotel!

With lots of Springfield hugs and high-fives!!
Leslie, Bill, Ted, Mike

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