gust 1, 2010- To Walla Walla, Washin

Kate Murr

After a beautiful breakfast and a fond farewell to Terry and Linda, we rode to Walla Walla, the town so nice they named it twice. Though the maps told us our ride would be mostly downhill, it was ultimately a very hilly ride through the Blue Mountains, so named because the pioneers saw them blue in the distance for many miles. The mountains were covered with wheat and it was harvest time. Wheat, harvested wheat, tractors, dirt, sun, and a camel were all the sights we saw.

We made our own shade with the tent footprint stretched between the bikes and ate a tuna salad with chickpeas, peppers, and cucumbers.

Bob and Sydney welcomed us to their beautiful home when we arrived in Walla Walla. We bathed and showered and the kids took over the “toy hall”. We had a lovely dinner and lovely local wine and we answered all Bob and Sydney’s serious questions about the trip like, “but how do you get along spending so much time together?” and “do you really just trust the people who pick you up and want to give you a place for the night?”. Turns out, Bob and Sydney describe themselves as pessimists (with caveats). They have lately been very concerned about the spiraling direction and deteriorating character of America. To them, our stories of the kindness and goodness of people were surprising and heartening. Bob shook his head a lot when we told him about Mike the Medicine Man who picked us up on the dirt road and Jeff in Coleharbor, ND who brought us blankets, homemade banana bread, and money when we were camping in the city park.

Bob thinks these stories need to be told more. I’m inclined to agree.

(Photos to follow.)

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