June 26-July 9- Playing Catchup

Kate Murr

Dear friends,

They say a photograph is worth a thousand words, so I strongly urge you to check out this album on our public Facebook page. I’ve captioned all the images, so hopefully along with the notes below you’ll get a good sense of these days. I’m flying over them quickly in the interest of catching you up with where we are today in Missoula, MT. If you have any specific questions about these days, please comment on the photographs or this post and I’ll address them.

June 26

  • Talk with Healer
  • Hills
  • Making our own shade
  • Mary and Pat, the governor of Fairfax, at the Koenig Corner Market
  • Terra Cota building?
  • A long ride
  • Burke doesn’t have a restaurant after all
  • Met Abby and Jon at Pete’s convenient store
  • Abby, Jon, Dale, Mike, and Debbie
  • Dale’s pickle trick and the largest marshmallows in the history of the world

June 27

  • Ingredients for a 6000 acre ranch
  • Drop-off in Peirre
  • Groceries in Dakota Mart-Brady earns four stars for tantrum
  • Lake play
  • Walkin’ Tacos and evening with the Hansons (Hillary and Jason and kids)

June 28

  • Jason drop off at substation (25 mile jump)
  • Picnic at the electric substation
  • Pleasant ride to Whitlock Bay
  • Greeted with wine by Daisy
  • Paul offers to shuttle us to dinner
  • Dinner with a view of the Missouri

June 29

  • Linda’s gift
  • Ride to Selby
  • How to order beer in South Dakota
  • Kathy volunteers Vince
  • Vince’s camper, gave up after discovering fourth break in waterline. Gabe.
  • Neon and Argon
  • The neighborhood
  • Windy night
  • A soldier returning

June 30

  • Breakfast at Behrns: Get your own coffee and sit with people of your gender. Leave a dollar.
  • Fond farewells and flowers
  • Kathy’s sincerity
  • Flying to Mound City for lunch
  • Flying to Herrired
  • Jane SWIMS!
  • Struggling to Pollack and a visit from Mr. Puppe
  • Home on the farm- cooking dinner in a kitchen!
  • Cindy and Merlin
  • Sunset on the prairie
  • Pheasants Forever

July 1, 2010

  • 100 degrees
  • Coffee and Prairie
  • Stuart helps pick out paint for the station
  • Cheese plant tour and the big cheese
  • Chicken hot dish with Jim Puppe- of history and stories
  • Dinner with Cindy and Merlin
  • Twenty Seconds of Joy documentary

July 2, 2010

  • 100 Degrees
  • to Big M town with Mr. Puppe
  • Yellow Sub
  • Historic sites/ Native American art at the casino
  • Sitting Bull
  • Grocery store foray- Mr. Puppe generously buys groceries!
  • Dinner with Cindy and Merlin
  • Grilled Peaches
  • Farm tour/missing glasses
  • Sunset

July 3

  • Merlin offers to drive us to Bismark
  • Sporting good store
  • Campground
  • Bounty Hunters and community
  • Fire

July 4

  • Kate sick
  • Dairy Queen
  • Hotel
  • Naps
  • Swimming
  • Symphony and fireworks
  • Walk home

July 5

  • Grammy’s birthday
  • Kate to coffee shop
  • 1804 road out town
  • Double ditch village/ prairie dogs picnic
  • Setting off fireworks by the river

July 6

  • Headwind
  • Grumpy
  • The generosity of Coleharbor- astounding.

July 7

  • To Max
  • headwind
  • bees
  • birds, wetlands
  • gas station at Max
  • Lightning McQueen washout
  • restaurant warning
  • city park camping

July 8

  • Max to Minot
  • Homesickness and Windmills
  • The Waldsteins
  • ND prosperity

July 9

  • From Minot
  • Highway 83
  • Highway 2 bad shoulder
  • Lists and poems
  • Dinner in the bar with cursing
  • Meeting Mike
  • City park camping
  • Meeting Chris
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