June 20, 2010- Fathers’ Day

Kate Murr

From Terry and Jane’s yard in Sioux City we set out toward Vermillion with a tailwind, mostly. We enjoyed the river path in Sioux City, which led us to brunch at Bev’s on the Water where we met Tina and Mr. Wright. They were curious about our adventure so we dined together and they graciously picked up our tab. The two were training for RAGBRI and interested in our training regime for the trip (none). Bev showed us pictures of her kids, and at one point said our message of family engagement, health, environmental mindfulness really got her thinking. The meal and the fellowship was a fantastic Father’s Day treat.

In Elk Point, where Main Street was completely excavated and impassible, we visited the grocery store and sat down to have a yogurt snack in the parking lot. My very big boy told me that he needed to go potty and afterward ran up to a stranger in the parking lot and exclaimed loudly: “My goed poo-poo in the potty!” The stranger was Amy Giorgio, and she was tickled pink about Brady’s achievement. She asked us about our journey, told us her father was a cyclist, and invited us to come camp at her house. She was on her way to pick up beans at the local Mexican restaurant, they were having fajitas for dinner, and we should come right over.

At the Giorgio’s we were met by four of the sweetest, most well behaved children ever put on the planet. Jane immediately formed a special bond with Sophie, another five-year-old, and the older kids all helped prepare dinner and set the table.  The family sang a prayer set to the Superman theme song before we chowed down on a lovely dinner. We shared stories, took turns playing the piano and dancing, and gave bike tours.  Kathryn (sp?), the teenager, gave up her bed in the basement for Stuart and I, and the little ones nested on the floor. As per house custom, Papa Giorgio read a couple of chapters aloud from the second “Story of the World” book, and we learned about the Trail of Tears and slave uprisings in the south.


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