June 17, 2010- Omaha Again

Kate Murr

The kids and Stuart visited the Children’s Museum while Kate posted trip photos. We packed to leave in the evening when Blake would be returning from work and able to drop us off on our route outside of town.

Here is an interview with the Omaha news: http://www.wowt.com/backpack/headlines/96619434.html

We appreciated visiting with LeAnne and sharing a positive story with Nebraska. Check out the comments on this post because my mom seriously rocks, and you’ll probably enjoy her opinion. For more comments on this, check out our Facebook thread here:

The forecast changed to a Tornado Watch so after the interview, we opted to spend the night again at Blake and Sarah’s, who hit the town to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We visited the old market district of Omaha and later I sat on the porch and watched the approaching storm.

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