June 7, 2010- Greetings

Kate Murr

I apologize, dear reader, for the recent lack of story line. We’ve had company.

Riding so close to home, we have had visits from Stuart’s mom, my mom and dad, and our dear friends the Millsaps and the McNertzes (aka, Karen and the Poke Man). We’ve had the good fortune to stay with new friends in Vienna, IL, and friends like wearing your favorite t-shirt on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon, the Rhodes, in St. Louis. We’ve also enjoyed the hospitality of Jefferson City friends Dan and Karen.

I shall attempt to summarize with high points of each day and get back to you shortly with the details, for now the Almirall-Rathsams have captured us here in Kansas City and are facilitating (encouraging even) MAA blog development, copious coffee consumption, and general hygiene for all Murrs.

  • May 23: Hotness and frequent stops, Pizza Buffetagedon, the World’s Largest Coon Hunt, and a night on the cruising strip.
  • May 24: Rendezvous with Nana follows Parsons meltdowns
  • May 25: Nana’s car, a mechanical horse, and a camel
  • May 26: A trip to the 1850s and the bicycle capital of Illinois
  • May 27: Bikes like limos, tunnels and new friends, Nana leaves, David cooks, and other conspiracies
  • May 28: St. Louis and the comfort of Rhodes’ Island
  • May 29: Stuart’s birthday, bottleworks, and monkeys that cuddle
  • May 30: Resting, arrival of Grammy and Papa, dinner beneath a bike built for seven
  • May 31: Spam won WWII and now comes in singles: a ride with my dad.
  • June 1: Coyote philosophy, celebrations, reunion with Millsaps, a princess party, and shadow puppets
  • June 2: Storms, wineries, dressing for dinner in the RV with Dan and Karen
  • June 3: Kate cries when friends leave, kids rally; shaman wisdom and elderberry tonic; Thai food Missouri River sunset.
  • June 4: A fawn, the news, a clown.
  • June 5: Sometimes Mommy just needs a long, long shower; back to the road; a kind stranger buys us ice cream; Fine theatre
  • June 6: Prairie sun; three flats in two days; a minor rescue in two movements.
  • June 7: Kids watch sesame street, Stu networks with architects, Kate catches up on blog.
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