Grocery Getter

Stuart Murr

The “end of the world” ice storm hasn’t actually hit yet, so after the kids and I finished dinner, I decided we needed milk and I needed a ride. We bundled up and grabbed our favorite toys and loaded up in the bike trailer. Actually, someone had to pedal the bike, and Jane picked me. So I tucked them in with a big fleece blanket, secured our bike helmets, turned on all of the flashing lights, and off we went. Riding in the crisp winter air at night is one of my favorite experiences. It is invigorating and makes you feel alive. It always seems so quiet and peaceful and your senses feel more acute. “Railroad tracks” yells Jane…followed by a “choooo choooo” from Brady as we bump across through Southern Hills and around the lake. “Let’s go fishing, Dad?” asks Brady. “Not tonight buddy”….”OK, Daddy”. We made good time to the grocery store and had our loot stashed in our race car shopping cart in quick order. We zoomed around the store a couple of times to see how fast that race car was, then loaded back up and pedaled the two and a half miles home….and in the morning, hopefully we get to play in the snow.

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