June 16, 2010- Harmonics

Kate Murr

On this day Kate wore a dress borrowed from Sarah, who was starting a thirty-hour shift as an Internal Medicine resident at the Nebraska Medical Center. If you’ve seen the size of the bag for all my clothes for four months, you’ll understand why borrowing a dress is news.

We had a rough morning. Stuart and I tried to plan and sort out work for our return. This proved to be a tense and confusing exercise, so when we met a man wearing volleyball kneepads in the park where the kids played in the fountain, it was a relief to respectfully listen to a story that made less sense than our own. He was barely lucid. He was living in six or seven different times and places. But in the story he was sharing with us, the man wouldn’t let us leave without taking his key-of-B harmonica. Also, he said I had grown up to be just fine.

We explored Omaha. We ate made-with-love falafel at Amsterdam (or, according to Brady, Hamsterdam), and fancy-pants ice cream at the e-Creamery. We dined, courtesy of our gracious host, at Dario’s, a Brasserie in the Dundee area where the French fries are authentic and the meat is prepared sous vide.

The kids and I took flowers to Sarah in the ER, where she was doing some tremendous work.

The paths of people, however direct or meandering, are so lovely.

Confusion in Omaha



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