July 29, 2010- The Brady Blog

Kate Murr

We stopped for lunch at “Canoe Camp” just outside of Orofino, where Lewis and Clark stayed for ten days to build five dugout canoes. While there, Brady assumed the character of Captain Lewis and dictated that I should be Captain Hook…Clark…no, Captain Hook, his partner. Jane was Sakakawea and Daddy was Seaman. This is an excerpt from his role-play.

The Journals of Captain Brady Merry Weather Lewis, a Rock Star

By Brady Murr (age three)

This is my canoe. I chopped it with my sword and scooped it out with a shovel. You know why I don’t have a paddle? Because my canoe floats in the water.

Onward to the Pasickic Ocean! (When we get there it will be called the Lewis and Clark Ocean!)

You’re my partner, Captian Hook. What would you like to eat? I’ve bought these tomatoes at the pinecone store—I have carrots growing in my yard at my house but they’re not ripe yet.

My house is blue with a pink roof. It is across the river.

Last night I stayed at a hotel instead of my house, because that’s the rules, I guess.

When we ride down the river we fish. We eat fish and drink river. (I have a green fishing pole).

There is a river shark in the river.

I told president Jefferson I saw animals on my trip. I saw giraffes and penguins. I called this river Penguin River. Penguins do not fly.

My dog is named Seaman. I brought him with me on the trip because he said he wanted to come. Seaman likes to play with his raccoon and sometimes he likes to play with Sakakawea. He catches fish in the water. He scared away some bears, elephants and giraffes.

Me and Captain Clark both go poo-poo in the potty, but I think they goed pee-pee in the river.

I brought three important things on the trip: baby, my sword, and my pi-tar (guitar). I hold my baby. I kill animals and pirates with my sword.  I use my pi-tar to play songs that rock out.

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5 Responses to “July 29, 2010- The Brady Blog”

  • Karen Says:

    Awesome story Brady. Really cute. I loved it. Glad you and your family are having such an awesome time and such memorable experiences. You are almost at the end of your journey now. What stories you will have to share with everyone!! Take care and God bless all of you!!! Grandpa George & Karen

  • Daniel Says:

    Nice job Brady and translator….are you pointing west or east???

  • Grammy Says:

    Brady that is an excellent story, can’t wait to see you so you can tell me more about your adventures. You have also been a great explorer just like Lewis & Clark these past few months, they would be proud of you.

  • Ian Moor Says:

    Well done on your trip. It’s an amazing adventure that not many families with toddlers would think of undertaking. I like your blog style too. I mention having met you in my last blog posting (I don’t update as often as you). Good luck with the rest of your trip.


  • Connie Rogers Says:

    Another “cherry on top” blog report, Brady! You and Jane are following in your mother’s footsteps when it comes to your imagination and putting thoughts into words…it’s as spell-binding as your family’s adventures across America. I love checking and finding a new installment of what’s happening with the Murr’s “unfolding of America”. A part of me will be sad when the adventure is finished and then another part of me will be thankful for a safe trip accomplished and a return to Missouri for such a courageous family.

    I’m especially glad that I know God is keeping such good track of you that he knows the “number of hairs on your head and the number of steps” (pedal turns) that you took today. What comfort…

    A phrase from a book that I read long ago seems appropriate tonight…(to me, anyway):

    “Steady the course”…meaning don’t let weariness or over-anxiousness cause you to get in too big of a hurry or cause you to get too side-tracked. Also, in the “famous” words of Ron Rogers…remember “Safety First!” (Those “famous” words have been said back to him from some young ones when he got tossed from a horse a few years ago.) Keep on “keeping on”…you have done well and you are about to accomplish more than you dreamed…so “steady the course”. I have every confidence that you will by God’s grace.

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