July 10, 2010- Chris and Grand Adventure

Kate Murr

I’m sitting at breakfast with the family and Chris, our new friend who is circumscribing the country making his own route. He’s twenty-one. He wears a tye-dyed San Francisco tee shirt when he’s not riding, a dark tanned back when he is. Currently, he’s making his famous, sustaining, caloric intake treat: a flour tortilla smeared with peanut butter, honey, two tablespoons of Tang drink mix powder and a tablespoon of powdered milk. He calls his concoction “food” and claims it is the perfect solution for keeping one healthy for dirt cheap. He’s living on $50 a week, after all, his sister has taken over his paper route in Grand Rapids and is reserving this payment for him. Chris is great with the kids, and a fabulous addition to our pack. Yesterday when we were riding with him on Old Highway 2 through canola fields, nuclear missile caches, and oil fields, it felt like being a kid and riding bikes with your buddy. We could have been chasing bad guys, or flying to mars.

You can follow Chris’s adventure here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Springfield-MO/Murrs-Across-America/284089620749?v=photos&ref=ts#!/pages/Chris-Steffens-Grand-Adventure/137692636244200?ref=mf

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