June 15, 2010- Lewis and Clark and Seaman

Kate Murr

This was the day we learned that we were not too precious to travel on dirt roads. The Surly Long Haul Truckers held up very well on the gravel and rocks, and didn’t complain nearly as much as we did.

We visited the Lewis and Clark museum in Nebraska City where the kids played on a keelboat replica that was made for the movie about the adventure that we had watched in St. Louis. We learned about the plants and animals Lewis reported, we sniffed the medicines the Corps of Discovery took with them, and the kids loved on a large reproduction of Seaman, the charismatic Newfoundland that accompanied the mission.

We marveled at the sky and biked on “class B” roads, where a farmer stopped and gave us cold Gatorade and cookies. We were picked up in Bartlett beside the train tracks by our friend Blake, who whisked us away to his lovely home in Omaha where there is a steam shower (ahhhhhhhh).

We had a lovely dinner there and visited with Blake and Sarah on the kitchen floor, eating cookies right out of the oven. The kids slept in nests beside us on the floor, happy little birds.

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