April 28, 2010- Of Monuments and Ice-cream

Kate Murr

When I’d asked Mike, our gallant rescuer, what the four freedoms of Madison were, he said they were a park. Riding through the small town/ county seat we investigated this confusing postulation and found The Four Freedoms Monument in a beautiful park complete with bandstand and dancing-naked-in fountain. The monument symbolizes four freedoms conveyed in a Franklin D. Roosevelt speech: freedoms of speech and expression, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear everywhere in the world.

We ate Mexican food for lunch, and pedaled on to Monticello, stopping at another monument in Greenville, childhood home of Ray Charles. The kids played at the playground and chose to have Nemo gummies (one of Brady’s Winn Dixie birthday gifts) instead of having ice-cream, which Stuart requires by 4:30 pm each day in order to remain civil.

You can imagine the fit that ensued at the gas station as Stuart and I ate ice-cream and the children learned about choices. The attendant offered the kids treats to stop the howling, but we declined. It is difficult to remain steadfast in the face of children crying for ice-cream, but such is parenthood. The whole affair was draining. I purposely lagged behind the Burly of Unhappiness after I heard Stuart growling primally at the children.

We camped the Monticello KOA and cooked vegetables purchased at the Jefferson Farmer’s market. We met motercyclists headed to Key West from New Mexico, and Jane made friends with Brooke, a girl with baby dolls and a stroller. Brooke and her parents stay at the KOA while her father builds hospitals nearby. Brooke rattled off about 9 states she has lived in. Jane enjoyed caring for the babies and playing with her new friend.

(Photos to follow)

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