April 19-Nope. Not Yet.

Kate Murr

A Purple Martin and Canada Goose alarm clock woke us up for luscious tent cuddles, a foggy lake morning hike, and dewy wildflowers. Jane is making a flower journal, in which she tapes flowers, leaves, and grasses. She is collecting small rocks, iridescent strands of Easter grass, and crayon rubbings of various textures. She scored big at Old Oak Lake.

I prepared coffee and oatmeal as Stu and the kids explored the lake, then we packed up camp and headed to Jacksonville. Most of the day was spent answering that we were not yet in Florida, not yet at the beach. And when we did arrive in Florida, there was an extended song in the back seat extolling the majesty of the beach along with a decimal shattering rendition of “Mommy says I can have my markers back and I love my markers,” (I had taken them away in Missouri after Jane’s full body tattoo incident.)

Our gracious host, Chris, met us near his apartment, drove us directly to his potty, and pointed us to the beach. The kids dug and rolled in the sand in the dark, and while Jane waded out a bit into the surf with us, Brady declined, saying there were whales and probably tree frogs (terrifying).

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